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Inspired by the Tennessee Williams Literary Festival, where I just spent my weekend (and it was absolutely fabulous!), I have decided to do a tour of the local New Orleans bookstores and review them here. We have so many fantastic writers and a thriving literary community, and I am determined to be a part of it while supporting our local bookstores and writers. I also plan to begin reviewing works, including novels, poetry, short stories, and anything I can get my hands on, of local authors, and I hope to get a few of them to interview as well. I want to include a monthly spotlight highlighting various local authors as well. My goal is to turn this blog into a love letter to the New Orleans literary community.

Finally, I will be replacing the Tweetly News with a new weekly update of upcoming literary events happening around the city. I have searched and searched, and I have not been able to find one place that locals can go for a list of all upcoming literary events in the New Orleans metro area. I would love to have a one stop shop where New Orleans literary lovers can go to find information on local authors, events, and programming.

Hopefully, this revitalization of my blog will provide a vital service to our community by getting local authors’ stories out there, by promoting our local bookstores, and by informing other literary nerds of the happenings of our community. If you happen to have information on a great local author or any events happening around the city, I would love to hear about it! I look forward to becoming more of a part of the New Orleans literary circle!

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