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Happy New Year!  The International Educational College (IEC) hopes that you have had an enjoyable, relaxing break and were able to spend some quality time with your families doing what you enjoy.


The schedules for  the Semester is at the notice board.  You should check on your schedule and either print it out or capture it on your device so that it's easy for you to access.


Already Classes had began on 12th March at regular days  Remember that there is no Late start.  We have some exciting activities this semester to help everyone enjoys their stays in  SAU, please stay tuned.


The more obvious meaning revolved around the beginning of the new semester, but it also entailed the start of a new year, maybe new resolutions, new relationships, new friends, etc. I wanted to share some insight and advice as you embark on this “New Beginning” at Shenyang Aerospace University:


The Past is the Past: Regardless of how you were in previous semesters, you are starting out with a clean slate. Make the effort and put forth the energy to go to class, take the notes, and review the content. We ALL had that one class that was a “snoozer” or maybe extra challenging. With this new semester, try looking up strategies to help you understand the content better and put more energy into studying.  Remember, this is your “New Beginning,” so reflect on what you struggled on in the past and leave those habits behind.


Be Active on Campus: In the new semester and new year, make an effort to go to events and activities. Being involved in activities that gives you a sense of purpose and pride in your school. As you embark on this “New Beginning,” keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to join the Student Union or to contribute to the campus community.


Get Rest and Exercise: Make sure you embed some time for rest and relaxation. College is full of “social events” and constant activities and events. Create a sleep schedule that allows for you to get enough rest and energy to be ready for class and for what your days have ahead of you.


Keep Your Eyes on the Prize: As you begin your semester, especially if you are a senior, keep your eyes on the “end prize.” Focus on your purpose for being in college, what the degree you are getting is going to help you achieve in the long run. 


Students, remember that many academic woes have their origins in the beginning of a new semester.  Focus on getting work done and paying close attention to all classes and you'll be thankful later in the semester.


We welcomed all students both old and new to a new semester, we wish you the very best in your academics pursuit !





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