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Our Vision
To be the leading institution for international education and nurture talents for the peace and development of the world.
Our Mission
Provide world standard education in order to be responsive to the global needs.
Our Value
Commitment & Optimism;
Creativity & Dedication.
Important notice on admission website and process

This is to inform all prospective students of admission tips in order to clarify admission process and authenticity.


1. is the only official English website of Shenyang Aerospace University. Prospective students may choose “Admission-Online application” to apply our programs.

2. We donot have official facebook homepage and account and never authorize any companies or individuals to set up official account on other platform. Please be careful when you apply online.

3. Official account to send school fee:

   Account Name: Shenyang Aerospace University

   Opening Bank: China Merchants Bank, Shenyang, Shenbei Sub-Branch

   Swift Code: CMBCCNBS

   US Dollar Account Number only: 024900266032888

   Euro Account Number only: 024900266035886


   RMB Bank Account: 21001423601052501214
    Account Name: Shenyang Aerospace University
    Address: No 37 Daoyi South Avenue Shenbei New Area, Shenyang China
    Name of Bank: China Construction Bank San TaiZi Branch
    Swift Code: PCDCCNBJLNX

We only have 3 accounts for new students to send fee. If you are out of China, please send dollar or euro to their own respective account. If you are in China, you may send fee to RMB account only. Any mistake will lead to transaction failure. 

4. We will reserve the related right to pursue legal actions.

5. We will not be responsible for payment failure if you are misguided or deceived to send school fee to other account.

6. Admission staff contact email:

  saucharleslv@163.com     saumaggieyu@163.com 

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