Here are some of my most favorite things. If you have a question about another favorite, ask me on my “Ask Me” page!

Book:   It’s a tie between The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks and the Harry Potter series.

Author:   It’s a tie among Mary Higgins Clark, J.K. Rowling, and Dave Eggers.

Color:   Lime Green

Food:   Pickles and Ice Cream – not together, of course.

TV Show:   Lost

Song:   Can’t pick one.

Musical Artist:   Garth Brooks

Music Genre:   Pop

Movie Genre:   Disney animated films

Movie:   Disney: Sleeping Beauty; Regular: This is hard, but I have to go with Casablanca.

Disney Princess:   1. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)  2. Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)  3. Belle (Beauty and the Beast)

Video Game:   Shrek Party or Mario Kart

Hobby:   Writing, of course, followed closely by reading


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