Works in Progress

What I’m Working On:

Currently, I’m working on my first novel, a fictional story about the very real events of Hurricane Katrina (set in New Orleans, of course) and the situations surrounding the catastrophic storm. Political intrigue, murder, death, and unconditional love plague the citizens of New Orleans after the worst natural disaster in the city’s history.

This has taken exhaustive research in order to get all of my facts correct involving the anatomy of the storm, meteorology, the events in the Superdome, the flood, and the setting itself. The storyline is completely fictional.


Here are some of my favorite excerpts so far, in no particular order (of course, I don’t want to ruin the story for you!):

Excerpt #1:

As the horse specters paraded their hooves on the roofs of the shotgun houses in the lower ninth ward of New Orleans, Avery and her family sat in expectant silence. The rain hooves continued to canter their way along the boulevards, striking rhythms to the beats of their hearts, faster and faster. The muted television displayed animated images of the renowned WWL weatherman, Nash Roberts, drawing circles and lines on his easel, painting the canvas with gory red pictures of Hurricane Katrina assaulting the Gulf Coast with her natural weapons of mass destruction. The screen flickered as the sky lit up outside, then vanished as the light turned to darkness and a vociferous boom shook the foundation of 365 Desire Street.

Excerpt #2:

Neon signs lined the street in each direction, blinking their wares at the tourists in straw hats, Hawaiian shirts, and cargo shorts. It was three in the afternoon, and the crowd was much different than it would be in a few hours. The tourists pointed out historical landmarks while barkers outside of smutty strip clubs and topless/bottomless bars called out to them. Broken strands of Mardi Gras beads collected in the beer, urine, and vomit infested puddles on the ground, creating a strangely beautiful psychedelic pattern in the funk. Laughter and drunken revelry rang in the air with the bells of the St. Louis Cathedral, and he could actually feel the heartbeat of the city beating in tune to the live jazz music floating around his ears with the mosquitoes and the gnats. He breathed in the smell of the French Quarter, that wonderful smell of alcohol, street performers, beignets and vomit.

Next Steps:

Just getting it down on paper!

Other works in progress:

I am working on two short stories. One is based on a story my grandfather requested that I write called “The Old Pro,” which is a baseball story about a little league coach who used to be a professional baseball player. The other is called “Coffee in the Morning and Kisses in the Night,” and it is my grandparents’ love story.

I am always working on ideas for Friday Flash as well, and I am willing to take suggestions!